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Job Title:
Mechanical Design Engineer

Job Description:
Full time position, Engineering Department, Richmond, B.C.

  • Production of fabrication drawings for custom air handling units utilizing in-house software and other software such as Excel, AutoCAD, Inventor, and ANSYS
  • Interpretation of specifications for custom designed equipment
  • Structural and sheet metal designs.
  • Water and refrigerant piping designs
  • Design and production automation utilizing CNC equipment
  • Electrical designs and controls
  • Research and development projects

  • A degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Highly organized
  • Capable of multi-tasking and meeting deadlines
  • Technically proficient in design and prototyping,
  • A quick learner and is one who takes ownership of tasks

  • Familiarity with AutoCAD, Inventor, ANSYS and Excel is a plus.

We are accepting applications from students about to graduate with their degree. Start date to follow end of school semester and exams. No paid experience required, in-house training and professional development offered. If you are interested in joining an entrepreneurial company who respects their employees and encourages independence and success, we would like to hear from you. Please forward your resume and covering letter to



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